Solid Surfacing

The Deluxe Group are approved fabricators of LG Hi-Macs Solid Surfacing.

We have a full suite of specialist equipment to provide complex solid surfacing for a diverse range of applications including reception desks, wall features, kitchens, bathrooms, and feature installations.

Solid surfacing materials such as LG Hi-Macs, Trespa, Corian, Staron, Hanex offer exceptional design opportunities. The materials are available in a huge range of colours and stone effects and offer a strong, hardwearing and hygienic finish.

With our specialist thermoforming oven and high pressure vacuum press we can mould the resin substrate to suit the clients requirements with almost limitless 3 dimensional mouldability to suit a full range of applications.

Solid surfacing is particularly beneficial in the Healthcare and Laboratories sector where the materials are used for their robust, aesthetic and hygienic qualities in both clinical and non-clinical contexts.