Middle Eight Hotel: Beautiful Design and Timeless Luxury

The Deluxe Group was delighted to manufacture and install bespoke joinery for the front of house areas at Middle Eight, a lifestyle luxury Covent Garden hotel.

The interiors by award-winning design practice Tonik Associates offer an elegant, relaxing and inviting setting with natural hues creating a lively and warm ambience and carefully considered authentic finishing touches. Meticulous co-ordination and collaboration between the teams involved led to the successful launch of the hotel despite the current challenging circumstances.

Allusions to the building’s past as one of the leading recording venues in London for orchestral music are exemplified in the choice of hotel name as explained by Christian Graf, General Manager, “In music, a middle eight injects variety into a song; it lifts the composition by changing key or tempo. Our hotel does the same. It adds to the vibrant, bustling nature of Covent Garden and offers something new and exciting whilst still feeling very much part of the neighbourhood”.