To welcome the guests to Europe’s largest wooden roller coaster, Tayto Park have commissioned us to create a dramatic entrance gate to their world class attraction. Our designers, sculptors and scenic artists worked for over four months to create an entrance truly spectacular in scale that draws inspiration from Celtic mythology.


A towering 6 metre stone statue of Irish warrior Cu Chulainn stands in battle pose upon a rock formation 5 metres high that forms a long stone-age passage tomb that mirrors the rock carving detail of the 1000 year old ruins of Ireland’s 5000 year old tomb, Newgrange at the nearby Boyne Valley. At either side of the tomb entrance are striking stone statues of a female warrior and the Irish wolfhound who feature in the tales of Cu Chulainn.


Inside the torch lit passageway lined with granite standing stones, guests can be photographed sitting on a stone throne and admire the remnants of the fierce weaponry of Cu Chulainn in an armoury alcove.  Standing stones are authentically decorated with ancient Neolithic spiral carvings.


The finishing touches to the entrance will see it landscaped to create a monumental structure that would appear to have existed in ancient times.




If interested in joining our creative team for further adventures in theming please get in touch.   We are always keen to talk to scenic artists, set build joiners, 3D/CAD designers, prop makers and sculptors.

For a full list of positions please go to our careers page. 

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