The company continually strive to increase our capabilities and competitiveness in all areas of our operation. The facilities and equipment are reviewed annually to ensure that the company utilise the latest joinery technology, ensuring quality for our clients.

For more technical joinery components the company manufacture using our 5-axis CNC Processing Centre. This provides full 3d sculpting and routering direct from CAD drawings using CADCAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacture) technology. This ensures absolute dimensional accuracy for complicated components, minimising panel gaps and tolerance requirements while reducing waste.

As well as using our technical equipment our versatile joiners are skilled in providing bespoke works by hand where required.


  • 5 Axis CNC facilities
  • Beam Saw
  • Edge Bander
  • Heated Press
  • Full traditional machine shop
  • Spray/Finishing Shop
  • In-house CAD Design