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Sustainable by Nature - Naturally Curious 

The Deluxe Group aims to be naturally and instinctively sustainable.


Through the use of digital technology in design, fabrication and installation, we strive to eliminate waste, reduce our carbon footprint and create a culture where sustainability is intrinsic to everything we do.


Our state-of-the-art production facilities operate on a paperless system and are equipped with solar panels and motion-detected LED lighting.


Any timber used in our projects is from sustainable sources and as an FSC certified manufacturer, our clients can be assured of the responsible management of forests and traceability of goods to ensure the protection of healthy, resilient forests and a fair wage and work environment for foresters.   


We have eliminated all plastic in our packaging and use FSC cardboard to create bespoke packaging for our goods.


We actively participate the research and development of lightweight, innovative products, analysing the full lifecycle to create sustainable interiors which add to the circular economy.



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