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Deluxe’s in-house design team utilises the latest in innovative digital technology including 3D scanning, 3D modelling, previsualisation and detailed fabrication drawings. 

3D scanning of buildings and ships allows us  to capture real-time conditions, therefore gathering key dimensions and details to streamline the design and production process. 


Deluxe’s multi-talented design team will ensure the project moves seamlessly from the initial concept right through to completion. 


Our team typically utilises: 


-    Autodesk Recap Pro (3D Scanning) 

-    Adobe Suite

-    TwinMotion (Unrealengine)

-    Revit, Autocad, BIM, Vectorworks and Solidworks


Our design team has extensive knowledge of IMO

approved materials for use within cruise ship interiors.

Innovative Technology 
& Detailed Design



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