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The Deluxe Group has an in-house fabrication team working with composite materials that are strong, durable, lightweight and achieve an excellent fire rating. Composites are used across our sectors including luxury hospitality, prime residential, themed attractions and cruise line interiors. 


We utilise the latest in digital technology for the design process and CNC technology for the mould-making process. 

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The Process

Using the latest in digital technology for the design process, we create 3D models which are then used within CNC technology as part of the mouldmaking process. 

We have options using fire retardant resins and gel coats for our fibreglass fabricated components or a two-component material consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin for our GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) components. 

& Weight

Our composites provide an almost infinite number of (natural) radiations and colours can be achieved by adding (natural) filling materials. By using (silicone) moulds almost every structure and texture can be reproduced. 

By using glass fibre, it is possible to create lightweight panels/objects with a thickness of approx. 6 mm and a weight of ca 12 kg/m 2. This makes our panels applicable where other materials become too heavy and also simplifies the installation process.

Fire Resistant

Our composites have excellent fire resistance properties and can be used for projects with high fire resistance requirements. 


We have materials that achieve  fire performance in accordance with EN 13501-1:2002.B-s1,d0 and ASTM E84 Class A/1.

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