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The Deluxe Group- Solid Surfacing- One Heddon Street_.jpg

Solid Surfacing

The Deluxe Group- Solid Surfacing- One Heddon Street Staircase.jpg

The Perfect Combination

Solid Surfacing offers the perfect combination of

hygiene, sustainability and exceptional design. 


As an approved fabricator of LG Hi-Macs Solid Surfacing, Solid Surfacing materials such as LG Hi-Macs, Corian and Staron offer exceptional design opportunities. With almost limitless 3-dimensional mouldability, the materials are available in a huge range of colours and stone effects

and offer a strong, hardwearing, hygienic finish. 

The Deluxe Group- Solid Surfacing- Whittington Hospital.jpg

Tried & Tested

Solid Surfacing by The Deluxe Group is IMO Certified, non-porous, extremely stain repellent, completely sterile and is internationally certified for resistance to dirt, viruses and bacteria. As Solid surfacing materials can be joined to give a visually seamless design, bacteria and mould have nowhere to develop and therefore as also being the material of choice in the healthcare sector, offer a tried and tested solution for an easy to maintain and hygienic environment

Durable, versatile
& Sustainable

Being a durable and versatile material any damages due to wear can be repaired and renewed thus increasing the life-cycle of the product and minimising the need to replace, adding to the longevity and sustainability of the interior space. 

The Deluxe Group- Solid surfacing- Sky_.jpg
The Deluxe Group-Solid Surfacing- Sky.jpg
The Deluxe Group- Solid Surfacing- One Heddon Street_.jpg

A Specialist Finish

As approved fabricators and installers of Solid Surfacing, Deluxe has a full suite of specialist equipment to provide complex solid surfacing for a diverse range of applications including bespoke reception desks, restaurant countertops and tables, wall features, kitchens, bathrooms, and feature installations.

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